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Patagonia Sur Foundation:

The mission of the non-profit Patagonia Sur Foundation is to promote conservation and conservation education, and to support programs that work with and benefit the local communities where the properties are located.

Initially, several compelling opportunities in the area of the initial property holding have been identified. The first project, in which the Foundation recruited and sponsored an English teacher in Futaleufu, has proven enormously successful. In September 2007, the Foundation's English teacher, Nancy Moore, traveled to Puerto Montt with two of her students who were finalists in Chile's regional contest for "best English language student." Community members are delighted with these achievements, as is the Foundation.

In another initiative, the Foundation made a grant to the Centro Ballena Azul. This organization is the leading marine conservation and scientific research center in the region and is working to create an extensive marine sanctuary off the coast of the Melimoyu property.
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