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Encompassing nearly ten thousand pristine acres, the Melimoyu holdings are a nature enthusiast's dream. A richly diverse study in contrasts, the property contains virgin native forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and oceanfront in the shadow of the 2,400-meter, glacier-covered and long-inactive volcano, Mount Melimoyu.

Melimoyu is unique in the world as the nexus of the temperate rain forest and the arctic forest. Equally unparalleled is the marine life: blue whales congregate just off the coast to deliver their young and plentiful dolphins, penguins, seals and sea lions complete Melimoyu's extraordinary marine environment.

Abundant wildlife on the property includes pumas, pudu (an endangered miniature deer), and an incredible diversity of birds. Sport fisherman will delight at the diversity of fresh and saltwater species in the property;s two rivers and ocean bay.
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