Robotic Parking Systems
How it works
The Robotic Parking system is ingenious, using computer controlled palettes to stack the cars somewhat like you see in some marinas which stores boats on large racks.

Drivers drive into one of the numerous entrybays and onto a palette. They leave the car turned off, and when they leave the bay, the car is shuttled inside, lifted and slid into an open rack. The car remains on the palette the entire time, nothing even touches the car, and they can be stacked close to each other. When the customer returns, the system delivers the car within a few minutes with the swipe of a card or push of a touch pad.

Other Benefits
There are added benefits even beyond the space efficiency. The system offers improved safety for drivers and their cars. Drivers do not have to walk through a parking garage to retrieve their cars. And the cars are safe from theft and vandalism, and from damage from opening doors of adjacent cars. There is also less pollution, as the cars are not running while in the garage. Finally, because one does not have to ventilate the Robotic garage, the outside of the garage can receive an attractive architectural treatment.
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